About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Tabetha, I am a cowgirl at heart and have owned my horse, Diamond, for 8 years now. I have a dog that I adopted named Jewel, she is a boxer, border collie, whippet mix (very hyper little dog). For my hobby I do Civil War Reenactments where I ride my horse in the Michigan Cavalry Brigade. I am a senior in college where I study Technical and Professional Communication. I chose this major because I love to read, but my true passion is writing.

I haven’t always known this though, I learned it in a very unexpected way when my life took me through a journey that taught me who I was. To truly understand this journey a little back story is needed. When I was younger I was the “suffer in silence” type, or as some would call it, shy. I did not speak my feelings ever, until one day it all became too much to handle. I realized I needed a way to “get it all out” without making myself vulnerable. So I picked up a note book and began to write. I started by writing everything that went through my head, and I never stopped.

My favorite things to write are short stories, poems, and motivational speeches. I am fascinated with stories of strength. I don’t mean physical strength, I mean emotional strength. When we feel emotional pain that hurts so bad that moving on longer seems like an option, and then we do. When there is that little voice that comes from deep within us that saves us from ourselves. It is that voice that I have to thank for picking me up off the floor a few times, and it is that voice that I would like to write about in my stories of strength that connect us.


One response to “About Me

  1. Ankoku1331

    Excellent About Me page. 🙂 Start playing around with the look of your blog.

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