Getting Started

I decided that I wanted to get free stuff. So I looked online and found several sites that will send you free stuff in exchange for feedback. These sites are much easier to join than the sites that offer to pay you for your feedback, and since I was just interested in getting free stuff I did not mind not getting paid in cash to write reviews.

Once of my friends actually introduced me to this concept so I started looking into it. I found several sites that outline how to do this kind of thing.The Penny is one of the places that I found very useful. I was also recommended by a friend to join Smiley360. Here you do a series of surveys to find the kinds of products you would like to try and they will start finding products that fit your interests. They send you these products for free and you simply write a review of your experiences with the product. Simple as that. There are several more sites you can join and I will keep you updated as I try several more out.

If you want to look into any product testing sites I found quite a few of them on a page called Money Pantry. I have not looked into most of them by I have joined Smiley360 and BZZAgent.


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