To Diet or not to Diet

It has come to my attention that I  have a serious problem on my hands. Do you know the phenomenon that occurs when you see someone everyday and therefor do not notice that they have gained or lost weight? This has recently happened with someone close to me. I’ve spent so much time with them recently that I did not notice they were getting a little “chunky.” It was only after spending a four day weekend away that I came home to the startling discovery… (Pause for dramatic effect)… My dog was getting fat.

I know, I know! But please… try stay calm. I will put her on a diet immediately! I know this is most likely my fault. It was a combination of not measuring her food out as carefully as I should and a lack of outdoor exercise, due to the extreme cold, that has caused this problem. But I have a solution. I will cut her food intake until she goes back to her ideal weight.

I have come to find a problem with this plan though. I taught my dog that she does not eat people food (except for the crust off of my pbnj’s because lets face it… I’m not going to eat it). She knows better than to beg for food (but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still do it). Lastly she certainly knows better than to steal food off from someones plate (this I have actually been strict on). But tonight she stole a bread stick…. Don Don Dooon!! I know… I was horrified as well.

So now what? Do I continue her diet knowing she is miserable enough to steal food to survive?! Although despite what she may think I am not starving her to death. I simply cut back on the amount of food I give her at each meal. She is obviously a drama queen and not at all like her mother (Stop Laughing Mom!). But I cannot allow her to continue to steal because she thinks she is that hungry. There are young kids in the house that are easy targets and are too easily horrified by spilt milk, let alone a stolen pizza.  I think a simple compromise is the best option. I will only cut her food by a small amount, start measuring it, and find ways for her to exercise in the house (hopefully without breaking anything).

There I go making lists again… But this one is important, my dog’s weight and happiness are at stake. I know she still won’t like getting less food, if anything she would ask for more, but I am hoping this compromise works for both of us. After all, who can say no to this face?



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