Shovels of Inspiration

Just like a large majority of the rest of the nation, within the last two days we have gotten an unbelievable amount of snowfall. I put off shoveling for several reasons. In part because I didn’t want to have to shovel more than once in a two day period and also because I was still under the stubborn (and naive) assumption that the first snow of the season never sticks to the ground. But sadly after two days of procrastinating, I came to the conclusion that shoveling was inevitable. So I geared up and prepared to step outside.

Now our driveway is not that long, which is the main reason why we never invested in a snow blower, and up until 10 years ago there were only two cars in the driveway at one time. But in the past 10 years three drivers have been added to this household. Currently sitting in the front yard we have an impressively large number of vehicles. Seriously… we look like we own a used car lot in our front yard. There are two trucks, three cars, one full-size van, and a Traverse. This means I have more than just the driveway to shovel. I also have to shovel half of the front lawn, as it is used as a parking lot for the extra vehicles, altogether this means almost two hours worth of shoveling.

On this particular day, I overestimated how cold it was outside, or at least overestimated how many layers I would need to keep warm. Not even one fourth of the way through the drive I had stripped off my Carhart coat, and if it wasn’t for my bibs safely cradling my iPhone so that I wouldn’t miss any of my music, I would have taken those off as well. By the time the shoveling was completed, I was sweating worse than I do during the summer.

Along with being a great workout, shoveling the driveway gave me some much-needed thinking time. Not that I had anything in particular to think about. I have just been so busy the past couple of weeks that I haven’t had much time to myself. And what does my mind do when I gets time to itself…. It writes stories. And, when I say stories, that could mean anything from inspirational poems, to short stories, epic novels, award-winning speeches, oscar-winning movies…. The list goes on.

On this particular day though I was thinking about my past, and all of the “what if’s” that go along with the decisions that I have made. Not because I think any part of my life needs to change or be different in any way. I was thinking  more of the things that I would not have if I made different decisions. I would not have my amazing writing degree had I not gone to college. I would not have my dog I had chosen to participate in a random activity the day adopted her. I would not have my horse if I had decided to give up after all the little speed bumps. I would not have the personality that I have if all of the good and bad things had not happened to me because of the decisions that I have made in my life.

I decided a long time ago life is not worth living with regret. Everything that we do, everything we have done, and everything we will do, make us who we are. The mistakes we make are there to help us make better decisions the next time around. These decisions is what life is actually about.

I bet you didn’t know that shoveling your driveway would lead to the meaning of life, I know I didn’t.



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