If I were Pretty

There is a problem that I have noticed, and I’m sure that some of you have as well, the media shows pictures of women who don’t exist. In fact, there is not a single woman on the cover of a magazine who is real. They are all altered in some way. They are often pulled apart and put back together using the “perfect” parts of another women. All of these “perfect” parts create a perfect women for the cover of these magazines. This is a big problem for young girls, because they see these images and think “I want to look like her.” But those women don’t exist. Then we tell the girls you are pretty the way that you are…as long as you do these lists of things that society has deemed pretty according to these magazines… you should be happy and not care what others think… as long as you do these things.

I actually hear quite often people say to me “You would be prettier if…”

You had long hair.

You wore makeup.

You didn’t have tattoos.

You wore more dresses.

You dressed in preppy outfits.

You got your nails done.

You visited a tanning booth.

You weren’t so skinny.


When I hear these things it makes me sad, but not for the reason you think. It makes me sad because they missed an entire list of things that make me pretty.

What makes me pretty is…

I embrace my natural beauty.

I am a country girl.

I have a fun-loving personality.

I have my own confidence.

I am independent.

I like to make people laugh.

I like to make people feel good about themselves.

I accept people for who they are.

I ride horses, quads, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles.

I smile, often.

What makes me pretty is my own definition. I do not take anyone else’s definition of what would make me pretty. If I did, I would never be pretty, because there are way too many definitions to keep track of. I don’t concentrate on outer appearances. I embrace what makes me me, and it is through embracing all of these things that I can truly be pretty.




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2 responses to “If I were Pretty

  1. To me the most beautiful thing any one can do is just being them selves. Part of the reason that Hollywood is so blown out of proportion is because every thing in Hollywood is fake. 90% of their chiseled bodies or perfect breasts or their wonderful marriage it’s all fake, little more then something to pick up for a while to boost their street cred and if it works out great, if it doesn’t then oh well switch it up for something more convenient in a little while. So when I great you at reenactment with a cup of coffee and a cheerful ‘good morning ‘Petey’ you look absolutely beautiful this morning’ and then I shuffle off until you tell me I can be in Johnny mode. Because when you are being you (or rather Petey) or when we get to hang out, outside of reenacting you are beautiful because you’re you 100% of the time.

  2. Not only is it hurtful to our young girls, it is hurtful to all women. And even men. The idea that you have to live up to some impossible standard takes it’s toll on us all.
    I LOVE that you put a long list of what is beautiful about yourself! The confidence in itself is beauty.

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