Idea Flow

Last week towards the end of my work day writing ideas just kept coming to me. They came so fast I didn’t even have time to write them all down. Some I wrote down and others I swore I would make myself remember. Now that I am back at work after a busy weekend I cannot think of a single one. Even the ideas I jotted down in hopes that it would help me remember are not developing into anything beyond that page. While I try to rack my brain for the flow that existed last week, I started exploring some of my old stories.

Some stories I thought were “good,” others are really bad, and some I wonder what professional writer broke onto my computer and wrote a story like that. As I recall the majority of these stories were written during my first two semesters of college back around 2011. That was back before I chose writing as a profession and I just did it for fun.

Some stories made me laugh and note how witty and quick with my words I was, another story even made me tear up a bit. I wrote them so long ago that even I did not know how some of them ended. I was pleasantly surprised by quite a few, and realized that others were never finished. Some take me back to past adventures that I forgot even happened.

My next thought was what do I do with these. Should I try to get them published? But when I looked up places to publish works of fiction, the majority of them are looking for very specific guidelines that none of my stories would fit into. It is relatively disheartening when you sit back and realize the only way to make it big in the fiction writing industry is to write a less than perfect series of novels that teen girls will fall in love with. In order to do that you have to create a rebellious female character who is caught in a love triangle and has to fight to get what she wants (Twilight). Or a rebellious male character who takes 6 books (Harry Potter) to do what Katness did in one. In the adult world, it seems to be the dirtier the better.

Which is interesting when you look at it. For teen girls, their role models are these extremely strong female characters who do not give in to the demands of society (Hunger Games). Then the older women are obsessed with a women of low self-esteem involved in an unconventional abusive relationship (Fifty Shades of Gray). All of these books are less than perfect and are not short of criticism.

I will admit I did read all of these books, starting with Harry Potter, then onto Twilight, Hunger Games, and yes even Fifty Shades of Gray. The Harry Potter series took a very long time to get to where they were going. Twilight had such extremely complex character profiles that even Bella herself was confused. Hunger Games (even though I am still obsessed with this series) has the controversial plot of kids killing kids. Fifty Shades of Gray I only read because of all the media hype and I must say I was VERY disappointed. It was full of awkward sex scenes and terrible writing, not to mention the glorification of an abusive relationship. I read the first book, struggled through the second, then decided not to waste my time on the third.

So all I have to do is write a book that is controversial at best and get a publishing company to advertise the crap out of it until it becomes the talk of the town. Easy enough.



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2 responses to “Idea Flow

  1. one reason 50 Shades of Grey is so bad is because it started life out as a Twilight fan fiction. When she got a cease and desist order from the publishing officer that produced Twilight she went threw and re-wrote it so it was a stand alone series.

    • But taking inspiration from one idea does not automatically make it a bad story. I am talking about the writing on it’s own. The word choice, the plot, the organization. It was just not well written. In fact if you take all the sex scenes out, it would be a terribly boring book. Readers only read it for those scenes and then skip what is in between until they can get to the next scene.

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