Dear Guy who was rude to my trainee,

I understand the frustration of trying to order food and not having the person understand you, but that does not give you the right to be so rude to a new employee. I know she took your order correctly because I was listening. Then when she went to cash you out, you decided to change the amount of money you gave her after you had already paid. Just so you know, some people are not skilled in math, especially when you put us on the spot like that. I know this because I am terrible at math, that is why I am a writer. I have had six years to memorize the amount of change that needs to go back for certain amounts. But when you are new like my trainee is, you have to try to add and subtract in your head.

When you so rudely pointed out her struggle to her, I had to step in. After looking at the change you handed her after she had typed in the total from the first amount you gave her, I was able to complete the math problem for her. But then when I attempted to explain the solution to her so that she could adjust the next time a rude costumer came in and changed everything, you started trying to talk over me with rude, snipe remarks about people sucking at math.


First of all, you are twice this girls age, with twice the amount of experience. She is not even out of high school, and this is her very first job, and only her 2nd day on front counter. She is not used to the pressure you place on her to get things 100% correct. So, when you talked over my explanation to her about the change problem and said “This is a simple math problem, it is ridiculous that it is that hard for you to figure out,” you are very lucky that I did not jump over that counter and give you a piece of my mind. Instead I gave you the courtesy of ignoring you and raising my voice so my trainee could continue to hear my explanation. Then I shot you the best smile I could muster, which I am sure came across fairly evil considering you were so rude to us.

So guy who was rude to my trainee, I hope you have customers who treat you with respect instead of what you have shown my trainee and myself. Just because we are young and work fast food, does not mean we are your floor mats. This would be a good lesson for those of you who think I create the prices. Please don’t shoot the messenger for goodness sakes, I get just as upset as you do when the prices go up. Every time I see that a prices has gone up, I know I will soon have to deal with angry costumers who decide to take their frustration out on me. Please accept that we cannot change any of these rules, and when we decide to “bend” the rules because you throw a fit, we are actually putting ourselves in a position where we can get into trouble for doing so.


Fast Food Employees,

and all Service Employees out there



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2 responses to “Dear Guy who was rude to my trainee,

  1. your trainee is very lucky to have such a nice person training her, and that guy is very lucky he didn’t awake the slumbering Tabzilla beasty because you would have wrecked him like Tokyo.

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