Mindless vs Mindful

After a long weekend of riding my horse and fighting confederates, it is now time to go back to work. You would think that after so much time off I would be able to concentrate fully on the task ahead… Wrong. Today has so far proven to be a writers block day, and it’s not just me, my partner is also having trouble. We are supposed to be writing short quotes to go along with pictures of various school related things. We have not been able to come up with any new ones so far and on top of that after reading through all of the ones we came up with last week we came to the conclusion that they are all very corny.

So what are we to do? We work a very creative job, where our brains are always brainstorming and sifting through new ideas. Sometimes this brainstorming process goes rather well, other times it leaves us pounding our heads against the wall hoping ideas will fall out of our ears. This theory is usually not successful. Yes, I know… I have it easy working at a desk in an air conditioned office with no real deadline to keep track of, but my brain hurts from all the unsuccessful attempts to come up with a quote.

At this point I would rather work a mindless physical job where I can just let my muscle memory take over. Like working at the fast food place that is my second job. That is a completely mindless and muscle memory job. Not as much as my factory job was but I still don’t have to do any real thinking. Just listen to the order and type it in, give the total and take the money. Simple.

But then I think about how boring that job is and I remember that I like my first job better than my second job because I get to be creative and do something a little different every day. So I need a job somewhere in the middle. One that requires thinking, and problem solving, but also something physical. Then again I am kind of lazy at times, so maybe just a job that requires thinking and problem solving…. Which is the job I have now…. hum, well that came full circle. Maybe my writers block day will pass and I will be able to come up with some epic quotes but I’m not holding my breath. Time to get back to work.


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