Simple Fun

I crack myself up all the time. Seriously… if laughter is the best medication then I am set for life. I will come up with a joke or a smart response to someone’s statement that will actually get a chuckle out of another person, but I will be the one to laugh my butt off at it for several minutes, and then burst out laughing an hour later because I thought about it again, sometimes even days later. Like with a certain “strong dolly” case from the other day. (and cue the laughter from a certain friend because of mentioning this inside joke).

10444710_10203950379940275_3197087393156266732_nThis fact about me causes several members of my family to roll their eyes. The best part is the majority of the time I am funny simply because I state the obvious. It is a skill my dad and I have developed together and we can go back and fourth stating the obvious about any situation being as sarcastic as possible and quite often we will be the only ones laughing.

Or my sister and I who’s idea of fun is yelling out the title to a Disney movie and saying the first quote or song that comes to mind. We played this game at work the other day and entertained several of our fellow crew members. The next day when I went into work we started playing it again because someone walked up to me and said another title. I strive to find simple ways to entertain people and keep the atmosphere light because when you’re happy work is a little more enjoyable.

Shopping cartI also love entertaining perfect strangers by sitting in the shopping cart holding my list and yelling out the items to my driver who then speeds off to that isle to retrieve it. It is a lot more fun when you read your list so far out of order that by the time you get done shopping you have circled the store several times making sure everyone in there has seen you at least twice. Then the items get scanned, paid for, and loaded into the car with me still in the cart (because I don’t want the people in the parking lot to miss a chance to laugh). Lets face it, it’s hard to keep a straight face when you see a 5 foot 7 girl sitting cross legged in a shopping cart yelling  “hot dog buns!” while the driver zooms off down the isle next to you.

Anything you can do to make someone smile is well worth it. There is enough sadness in this world, we need to fill it with as much happiness as possible.




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5 responses to “Simple Fun

  1. and it just further drives home the point that ‘cavalry don’t walk’ *giggles*

  2. Steven

    Haha. Strong cart? Lol

  3. Steven

    Oh yea…that one…lol 😉

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