I just Smile

I don’t write poems anymore
I am not sure why
Maybe it’s because I only did
To help me heal from depressed times

Right now is a happy time in my life
Therefor I don’t need to cope
With the endless torture my mind
Put me through on a daily basis

In fact I don’t even write poems the same
The way I used to everything flowed together
But each line was one single thought
That you could pull out to stand on its own

So it’s clear to me that poetry
Is a good way for me to express hard emotions
Because when I am happy in life
I just smile




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2 responses to “I just Smile

  1. for what it’s worth, I for one prefer your smile to your poetry. Mostly because I understand what the poetry is about. the hope to lend some beauty to an ugly feeling. Smile on because to me each and every one of them is a beautiful smile, from your mischievous smile of an inside joke, to your ‘I love you but I’m going to so fricken kill you for that later’ smile.’ Your smiles are a wonderful unspoken form of poetry all to them selves.

  2. Steven

    Awesome! I love your smile! Especially the one when you have nothing to say…so you just smile. Love it.

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