Power of Friends

As I sit here drinking my afternoon coffee (that’s right, afternoon because I have already finished my morning coffee and my eyes decided they needed more to stay open), I started to think about the same thing that I have been thinking about for the past two weeks. How friendships build. The pictures that go along with this post are not in any particular order and some do not match the paragraph they are next to. I wanted to recognize some of my old and new friends.


Some friends I have known all my life, as in I do not remember the day we met, they have just always been there. These friends are always there for you, and even if you don’t see them everyday the bond does not falter. Going through life with them always at your side gives you the confidence to be stable as yourself. Even if we have all gone our separate ways we can still feel each other there across the distance.


Then there are the friends who you meet through a common interest, you promise you will keep in touch with each other, and it works for a while but then it inevitably disappears. You may keep their phone number in your phone, knowing you will most likely never use it again. Or keep them on your Facebook just to see how their life is going from afar. There really is no reason behind keeping their number or Facebook page, but for some reason you don’t want to let go of the friendship.


255342_10151120926815056_1570247218_nThere are friends you make out of necessity, like the ones you sit next to in class or your partner on a project. Once the project is over you go your separate ways never to think about them again. When you come across their name on your phone you at first cannot remember who they are, but slowly it comes back to you. Then you delete it because it means nothing to you now. Sure they were a nice person and a great partner but the connection made was not enough to keep in touch.


100_2892Then there are the unlikely friends, who came out of nowhere, who you never expected to build a connection with. This connection is so strong that you wonder what you even did before them. This connection runs so deep you can’t even explain it to yourself, let alone other people. You both just understand it without even saying a word. You have more inside jokes between the two of you than a joke book. The list of things you have in common build every time you talk to each other. You can actually be your extremely corny self because both of you understand and appreciate it when you are. And there is never a dull moment.


All of these friendships change us in some way, both big and small. I appreciate all of them. There are people in this world who take their time to get to know you, and those people will always be special to you, and you special to them. Take some time to hug your friends today, from your best friend, to the unlikely ones.




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