For Being my Constant

I talk about my struggles a lot because I think they are important if someone really wants to get to know me. But there is one thing that was always an unwavering constant in those years of struggle. This one thing is what kept me believing in myself and showed me what it means to be strong. I was able to create the foundation for my strength off from it. This one constant thing is my Mother.

She has always been the strongest person in my life, and she has to be with 6 kids with their own agendas, 2 dogs always on the move, 3 grown cats who demand attention, and 7 kittens who’s world is their play ground. But she also taught me that part of being strong is learning how to move past the times that you’re not strong.

While I went through my tough times, she had tough times of her own, but she was always there for me. From supporting my good decisions, to telling me what she thought about my bad decisions and although sometimes I pretend not to hear her, I always know I needed to.

I still remember the time I told her I was taking a semester off college after I got my associates degree and she said “Go back to school right away or you will never go back.” Well mom, thanks for the reverse psychology because it was that statement that made me tell myself that I would prove you wrong in a good way. Now here I sit with my bachelors.

I know there are times in my past where you thought I was “not so smart” for the decision that I made, and with some of them I will agree with you, like eating all my Halloween candy, a horrible decision really, why did you let me do that? Or when I decided to lean over the edge of a speeding boat and your heart pounded a million miles an hour while you debated how you should save me if I fell.

10385371_10202993292907768_4511743454302966338_nOther times you would “appear” to be right all the time, but I conveniently cannot think of any examples of that right now…. Even though I never listened, you were always able to give me the advice I needed when I would come back and say “well that didn’t work, what now?”

So I know I don’t say this enough, but thank you Mom, for all the things that you do, for all the things you let me get away with and for all the things you didn’t, but mostly just for being my Mom.


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One response to “For Being my Constant

  1. Steven

    I teared up. I’m a big mommas boy do I can totally relate. 🙂

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