Letting It Go

Things are starting to get better. I was able to get a scholarship to pay off the reminder of my internship cost, which makes me very relieved. Still not sure what exactly is going to happen about my horse having a home but I have emergency back up plans thanks to the help of friends.

My internship is going very well. I enjoy the work I get to do. For now I will not stress about attempting to find a job (I will look into it next week). I just need a break from the stress. There are still some areas that need some work in my life, but overall I am feeling much better.

I apparently just needed a few days to completely break down, cry, and pick myself back up. Which I did. During this time I feel so weak and vulnerable, but as soon as it’s over I feel stronger than I was before. Trying not to let these things get to you is easier said than done. Sometimes it’s actually healthier to face them head on before they sneak up on you. That way you don’t have a mental breakdown from all the unnecessary stress you are placing on yourself. Now I know this advice is easier to give than to follow. I am very bad at facing what stresses me out until I absolutely have to. For the most part I avoid confrontation, other times I feel the need to get things settled.



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One response to “Letting It Go

  1. Steven

    I am not afraid to admit that I cry…alot…I cry cause I feel better afterwards. Cry on!:)

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