How to Write an A Paper in 3 Hours or Less

If any of you are like me, you find yourself procrastinating until the last minute to write your paper for class. Doesn’t matter that we got the assignment 3 weeks ago or have had class time to work on it, its still not done. It is now 10pm and the paper is due tomorrow in class.

The first thing you should do is get out the assignment sheet and write down what is required to be in the paper with a few lines in between each criteria. Then choose what your paper will be about (I usually go with the first idea I come up with because it saves time). Now under each criteria write a few words related to your topic.

On that same sheet of paper write “Intro, 1st paragraph, 2nd paragraph, 3rd paragraph, and conclusion. If it is a longer paper, just turn the “paragraph” sections into “idea” sections so that you can include several paragraphs under each idea. Now do what I call “the BS Fluff”. Write several subheadings under each section of ideas.

Now under the Introduction, just take what is written on the assignment sheet and restate the “point of assignment” that the teacher has written in your own words. Then write your three ideas under that, first in a list then moving on to briefly explain each section. This will be your lead into the second paragraph.

The next part is easy. Take your brainstorming, BS Fluffing, outline and write each idea and subheading in complete sentences. The majority of your paper is done. If you have to have citations in the paper, go to Wikipedia. Although you cannot cite Wikipedia in your paper, they did the connecting work for you. Pick a random page and find a random statistic or quote that you can BS’ly tie into your paper and  your citation is done.

Last for your conclusion, just take your intro and turn it upside down. List the ideas you talked about, then restate the point of the paper. You have now written a grade A paper in 3 hours or less. This is how I outlined all my papers through school and so far it has worked swimmingly.



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3 responses to “How to Write an A Paper in 3 Hours or Less

  1. Ankoku1331

    You mean I can’t cut-n-paste someone else’s work? What if I cited them as the source? 🙂

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