My Hope for That Guy

I saw that guy again, the one who cheated off my test in class. You can read about my struggles with him in Mission to Disgust, Unintentional Revenge, This Guy Again, and the Last of that Guy. He was in line to get his graduation cap and gown. I had already picked up mine and was headed out of the gym. He looked at me and we locked eyes. I held his gaze until he looked at the ground. We will both graduate in May, mine from my own hard work, and his probably off the work of others.

I hope that by not getting him in trouble for his wrong doing, like getting him kicked off his sports team or getting kicked out of school, has taught him something. I know he knows I let him off the hook. If I had pressed the issue he would have gotten kicked off his sports team at the very least and possible gotten put on probation. Which would mean that he would have lost his athletic scholarship and may have not been able to finish school. I did not want to be responsible for changing his life in that big of a way, although some would argue he did it to himself. I understand the struggles of trying to get through school, and although I do not know his story, I hope that his reasons for cheating were good ones and not just laziness.

Maybe he will forever remember me as the girl who gave him a second chance to do it right. Hopefully next time he is placed in that situation he will choose to do his own work because of the bullet he dodged. I want to think that this has made him a better person.

But of course I could be completely wrong and he is thinking “yes! I got away with it once, I can do it again.” Or this is what he has done all through school and does not know how to study or prepare for class. If that is the case I feel sorry for him because he will never make it in the real world.

I ended up watching him for some time while he was in line. I know he knows my eyes were on him because every once in a while he would look in my direction as if scanning the room,  would see me watching him, and then look away. I wasn’t intentionally trying to make him uncomfortable but I’m sure it was. Hopefully I made him as uncomfortable as he made me the day he cheated off me and hopefully this experience has taught us both a lesson.


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  1. Steven

    When you know you have done something wrong and the person catches you. Eye contact is the worst! 🙂 You’re just watching them watch your every move. I am sure he felt awkward and thankful that you didn’t turn him in.

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