Identity Poster Reflection

When I thought about what to include on a poster that reflects my identity as I see myself and how I want others to see me, I first thought of symbols that represent my life. I came up with an ink quill pen, a tree, a note book or journal, a horse, wings, and a cross. I chose the colors blue, green, and brown because these colors reflect my personality. IMG_0362I then asked people who know me well to think of some describing words that they think represent me and what I stand for. They came up with determined, creative, hard-working, imaginative, motivated, persistent, outgoing, reliable, and trust-worthy. I then looked through some old pictures and picked ones that I thought would represent me and important things in my life. After it was all said and done poster was more impressive than I originally pictured.

The symbols I chose all mean something to me. The ink quill pen represents me being a writer in all its forms, from creative writing like short stories and poems, to technical writing like memos and brochures. The tree represents something that can stand on its own and be strong, or can be in the middle of the woods and be part of an even stronger community. The note book or journal is how I record my journey through this life.IMG_0363 Through the good times and the bad I write down my story because in the end no one can take my story away. A horse because they are an unpredictable spirit that captures the imagination of those who come into contact with. Specifically my horse has taught me responsibility, patience, and persistence. A pair of wings represent the strength it takes to be free and how I got to where I am today. The final symbol is a cross because I am a strong believer that there is a grand plan to this crazy world and that everything happens for a reason.

I chose the colors blue, green, and brown because they are my favorite colors and they look great on redheads. They are the colors that you do not have to go very far to see because the earth is made of them. I chose the shades of blue, green, and brown because they are bold enough to be seen, but gentle enough to relax.

IMG_0365The words spread throughout the poster are words given to me by people who are close to me. I agree with all of them and am proud of the fact that others use these words to describe me. The poster itself is a demonstration of how I can be imaginative, innovative and creative. I am persistent, hard-working, and determined in many areas of my life, especially with horses. Being outgoing, trust-worthy, and reliable is how I try to live every day because I think they are important qualities for someone to have.

Inside the note book that says “Tabetha’s Journey” are four pictures. The first picture is of me the spring I graduated high school. So much has changed since then, and yet so much has stayed the same. I am not pursuing the same job I thought I would be pursuing in that picture, but the drive I have towards my current career path still has the same intensity as back then. The second picture is one of my horse, Diamond, and I at a Civil War reenactment.IMG_0364 Not only are reenactments a great way to bond with my horse and meet new people, but being part of these events has taught me the meaning of community in such a way I could not get anywhere else. The third picture is of my dog Jewel and my cat Fred. Pets have always been important to me because they are always there for you and need you to be there for them. It is a relationship that you lean on and can be leaned on. The fourth picture is of my Mamma barn cat, Calli, and her daughter Rose. This picture represents the relationship I have with my mother and everything that she has taught me. She taught me to be independent, strong, and when the situation calls for it, stubborn.

IMG_0369I want people to know that there are many layers to who I am and you cannot just look at the surface if you want to get to know me. Though these symbols, colors, words, and pictures I have brought together a good representation of what my personal identity is. Everything that represents me has an outer meaning and a much deeper one. When it comes to the deeper meaning, I am an open book, all you need to do is ask.


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