“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

I am getting closer and closer to graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical and Professional Communication, a minor in Communication and a specialty in Advertising (I know it’s a mouthful, try saying it every time someone asks you what your studying). That means I am getting closer and closer to needing to decide what to do with my life beyond college. I will have an internship this summer, although I don’t know where yet, and after that I will be on my own. Scary, I know. But I wanted to write a blog about what got me this far in my schooling and how my ideas have changed throughout the years.

booksAll through high school I wanted to be a Veterinary Technician because I loved animals. I wanted to be the one to love them while they got nursed back to health. I had a plan to go to a community college and take general studies classes in the Pre-Vet program, then go to on Michigan State University for the Vet Tech program. This plan was drastically changed the day I job shadowed at a vet’s office and passed out while attempting to watch a surgery (I’m still embarrassed about it). My dream to become a Vet Tech was over.

So I had to move on. I ended up graduating from a community college with an Associates in general studies. During this time I brainstormed potential careers that would work for me. I thought about an animal control officer, but didn’t want to do all the law classes. Then I thought about being a counselor and almost went to a different school for that, but that didn’t feel exactly right.

I still didn’t know what I wanted to do but not going to school was not an option. I chose a school that was close to my home so that I could work, go to school, and stay close to my family while I continued to brainstorm. I decided to get a Bachelor’s degree in English. This was simply because I loved to write. I figured I might as well do what I love if I don’t know what I want to do. About half way through the program I got so bored of the English and literature classes. They were all the same: read and write, and then read and write some more.

writingI went out looking for a better challenge and stumbled upon the degree I am perusing now. This degree is everything I like to do. I get to write both creative and business style writing, I get to read, I get to communicate with people, and I get to use my creative skills to create advertisements.

So I went from a Vet Tech to a Technical and Professional Communicator. It was an interesting transition. Don’t worry animal lovers, rescuing animals is now a hobby of mine instead of a potential job. But to the writing world…. Look out, here I come.



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2 responses to ““What do you want to do when you grow up?”

  1. I’m very happy that you decided to stay in school and get a degree. It’s a really powerful thing to have in your pocket. And you do write very well, I always look forward to your entertaining postings. Don’t fret too much about the future (it’s good to be concerned and be thinking about it tho). I’ve really come to believe that whatever He has planned for us will be what we do, even if we take the long road there. Best wishes, always.

  2. Ankoku1331

    I tell people that I am a writer when they ask what degree I am getting to avoid the mouthful and confused looks-“Technical and professional what? Oh, a writer I get that.” 🙂

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