Too Busy?

I like to stay busy and have something on the agenda to get me out of bed every morning. Last semester I had two part-time jobs and a full school load. This semester I have a part-time job, two communication classes and three independent studies. I stay busy everyday.

Right now my weeks look like this: Monday- Homework, Work, Workout, Horse chores, “Social life”; Tuesday- School, Workout, “Social life,” Homework, Horse chores; Wednesday- Same as Monday’s; Thursday- Same as Tuesday’s; Fridays- Same as Monday’s and Wednesday’s.List

Most days there is not enough time in a day to get all of those things done, so I try to choose the most important ones. Which means things like workouts just don’t happen, and homework gets pushed to the back burner. That means that I am up until 1am on Monday and Wednesday nights trying desperately to finish enough to fake it through my school day. I don’t even have time to get stressed out. As soon as I finish one task I move on to the next. My life revolves around my “To Do List” because without it I would forget something important. I have to include “remember to breathe” in order to avoid passing out.  This the life I have chosen for myself. I am not willing to give up my job, school, or social life. So I struggle though each day, trying to follow my list, remembering to breathe and pray to God I don’t forget anything important.

But is my body trying to tell me enough? I have been keeping a headache diary for less than a month now and between January 23rd and today February 5th I have had 4 headaches, 2 dizzy spells, and 3 migraines. On top of that, my stomach has decided it wants to tell me when I can and can’t eat regardless of when I actually need to. I am taking pills to reduce my migraines, ibuprofen to fight the headaches, and stomach pills to help ease my stomach pains. Are pills what I need? Or is it a simpler life?

In today’s society a simpler life is not an option, so I guess that means grin and bare it with my job, school, social life, pills, lists, horse chores, and workouts…..

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I can’t seem to sleep either…. I am on pills for that too….


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