Land Ho!

I am entering the last semester of college before I step out into the real world. My parents and teachers have prepared me as much as they can for the journey that lies ahead. I take with me all the knowledge that I have learned while I walk down the road that lies before me…….

Blah, blah, blah, I sound like a valedictorian giving a high school speech. To be honest, I am terrified of what lies ahead. I have so many questions going though my head.

What if I fail?

What if I don’t succeed? (Wait, aren’t those the same thing?)

What if I do not live up to the expectations that everyone has for me?

What if…..

I have always been scared of the unknown, the what ifs, and the new. For me change is hard. The transition from high school to a community college left me scared that I may not be able to handle college life. The transition from a community college to a university left me worried because I still had no idea what to study. Now I am quickly approaching the transition from a university to the real world. I have studied all that I need to study. In fact, this last semester of college seems to be the easiest one yet because it is all review for me. I have done enough, seen enough, and I am looking for my next challenge. But with that challenge comes change, and with that change comes the unknown.

The unknown will stop me in my tracks. It’s like swimming in the dark ocean, not knowing what is below you and at any moment you could be grabbed and dragged under the surface, never to be seen again. But just like the transition from grade school to a community college and a community college to a university, I know I am ready for the transition into the real world. I am both nervous and excited for the journey ahead. Let’s make it a fun one.


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  1. Cindy

    I completely understand, but need to tell you (as everyone else is probably telling you), “don’t worry, you’ll be fine!” But wait, my reason for saying it is probably different than theirs, after all we’ve met what once? But I feel like I really know you. You are so open with your thoughts and feelings that it’s easy to get to know you. Besides I know Janie is a good judge of character so it gave you a leg up in my book! Lol. Anyway, from my (admittedly) long distance view, I see a young woman who has an enormous strength of character and even if she’s afraid, she steps forward. I see someone who stands up for herself, is a very hard worker, and who speaks the truth. Those character traits will be obvious to all who care to look, and will serve you well in your career as well as in your life. God has molded you into a strong warrior and most definitely has a plan for you!
    I’d tell you not to worry, but that wouldn’t be you. So go ahead and worry, but know there’s a world of people who believe in you and have no worries that you will succeed in most things, and when you fail, which you must because you still have lessons to be learned, you will look closely at the situation and learn and be stronger yet, and wiser for it. .

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