Life is Change

They say the only constant in life is change. There are two types, one type is accepted change and considered “good,” whereas the other is rejected change and considered “bad.” The bad change can be scary, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. The good change can be exciting and fun. Both types can be hard to understand and sometimes hard to handle.

When a constant in your life changes, your first reaction is to make it go back to the way it was. In most cases, once the change has occurred it cannot be undone. Embracing whatever change comes our way is easier said than done.

For me change is scary. I am not good with it and for the most part it is unwelcome, but I have been working on moving past it. I have been putting a conscious effort into accepting the changes as they come and not resisting. The problem is even if I am not comfortable or happy with a current situation, the idea of that situation changing is just uncomfortable. If the situation stays the same at least it will be constant, but if it changes then I cannot predict or control the outcome.

Therefore, the challenge I have given to myself is to embrace it. Change is all of those scary, exciting, unpredictable, fun, and uncontrollable things. It is both good and bad. It is also the only constant in life and since I have decided to make the most out of my life change is one of those things that it is time to accept.


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