The Last of that Guy

Here is an update for all of you who have been following the stories about the guy in my class who breaths down the back of my neck, slobbers in my ear, and apparently cheats off my tests. To read other stories about him, go to Mission to Disgust, Unintentional Revenge, and This Guy Again? I did go and talk to my teacher about my suspicions and although we both suspect that he did actually cheat off me, neither one of us felt positive enough to put my reputation as a student at risk. We did compare tests and they were identical for the first 4 pages, but on those 4 pages there were only two questions wrong. So that was not enough evidence to prove that he copied. After the 5th page, I started hiding my answers a lot better and that is when the differences in our papers started.

There were still more similarities than differences throughout the remainder of the test and all of the short answers were right on mine and wrong on his because, we suspect, he could not see my handwriting. Even with all the evidence, we decided there just wasn’t enough to take it any further than just between her and I. I told my teacher even if we did not get him in trouble with the school I still wanted her to know about it. She thanked me for telling her, apologized for not catching it, and assured me it will never happen again in her class. At least I got some justice for myself in the fact that I know he will not use me like that again.


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