My Dad always told Me

My dad always told me “Tabetha, to find a good guy who makes decent money you need to sit outside the engineering classrooms at college and wait until one of the guys notices you.” I would always roll my eyes at him and say sarcastically “okay dad, I will get right on that.”

That being said, something interesting happened the other day. In all my years at college I have never met an engineering student until the other day. My dad always told me that they had to be smart in order to study to be an engineer because they have to have certain grades to be in the program. So I have spent the last 6 years under the impression that engineers were supposed to be smart. What happened the other day has me questioning that logic but I will let you decide for yourself.

I was headed out of the communication building when a guy, who I assume to be an international student, opened the door for me. I said, “thank you,” and he said, “you’re welcome.” I thought that was going to be the end of the conversation (because let’s face it, if it had been an American it would have been. In fact, I would have been lucky to get a “you’re welcome” out of the deal). He then made the observation that it was snowing and I said “yes it is,” and he asked “do you like the snow?” I said “no I do not, and I have lived in it my whole life.” He responded with “this is my first time seeing it.” So I asked him how he liked it. He then stated that “it is cold.” I just laughed and said “yes, yes it is.”



He then asked me what my major was and I said “English, and you?” He responded with “I am studying to be an engineer.” I thought to myself “wow, this is the first engineer that I have met since I started college.” No sooner did I start to replay the conversations I have had with my dad about how smart engineers were supposed to be, that he stopped dead in his tracks and said “oh no…” I stopped too and just looked at him confused. He pointed to his car and said “parking violation.” I looked over and saw a really nice Mustang with a parking ticket on the windshield. I just laughed, wished him luck, and walked away.

When I got home I told my dad the story about the engineer who was smart enough to point out that snow was cold, but not smart enough to put another quarter in the meter to keep him from getting a parking violation. Since that day I have seen that car two other times with parking violations. So tell me again dad, how smart are engineers supposed to be?


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