Because I am Just Like Them

I caught myself doing something that I hate. I hate when people judge others when they do not know them. I have seen people do it to me and I always think to myself, “it is sad; they will never get to know the true me because they do not bother to ask who is underneath.” When we only see the surface of a person we cannot truly know them, what they are made of, or what causes them to act the way that they do.

There is someone I have known for a few years who I have never bothered to truly get to know. I have always written them off as arrogant and annoying. This person always told “over the top” stories and tried to sound smarter by using big words. For this reason I always rolled my eyes whenever they tried to talk to me and I always made fun of them behind their back for a cheap laugh.

Over the past week I have had a chance to actually get to know them because I took the time to listen to their true stories. I am now ashamed that I allowed myself to be who I hate; a person who judges others before I truly got to know them. I learned this person had a hard past; just like me. Only they did not have the support of their family to help them through it. They didn’t let that get them down and can still entertain people with their “over the top” stories that make everyone laugh; just like me. They are working 2 jobs to get themselves though college; just like me. I judged this person when I had no right to, because they are just like me.

We all hate it when we are judged unfairly by people who do not take the time to truly get to know us. How many times do we ask ourselves “who are we judging unfairly?” Look for those people in your life today, and try to take the extra time to actually get to know the true them.


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