This Guy Again?

A strange thing happened today in my class with the guy who sits behind me. He didn’t sit behind me. I thought to myself, “Wow, a whole class period of him not breathing down my neck, or slobbering in my ear, and on test day where I need to concentrate. How did I get so lucky?” Instead of sitting directly behind me, he sat one seat over behind me so he could talk to the girl who sits in the seat next to that one, or so I thought.  For other stories about this guy read  Mission to Disgust, and Unintentional Revenge.

When the tests were handed out I started reading the first question and instantly I knew the answer. After writing the answer down I moved on to the second question and knew that one, followed by the third and the fourth. Then on the fifth question I got stuck, so I sat up and thought for a while about the answer. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the guy was watching me; well not me exactly, but my paper. I re-read the question and wrote down an answer and quickly turned the page. Again out of the corner of my eye I noticed that he wrote down an answer and turned the page just as quickly and then waited. This continued for three more pages. I started to get more and more distracted. Every time I wrote down an answer I could not protect that answer from his eyes.

So I decided to answer the questions from the bottom of the page and working my way up, this way my arm could cover the answers I wrote. This seemed to throw him off his game for a little while but somehow he recovered and found a way to see my answers again. I was so frustrated and distracted I was no longer reading what was on the test. I couldn’t tell you what any of the last 20 questions said or what answers I wrote. I was concentrating more on defending them than anything else.

Then as I got to the last page, he wrote several random answers down so that he could get up and turn his test in before me. I just stopped and looked up in disbelief. This is how this guy has gotten through his whole life isn’t it? Cheating off other people and taking the credit. Well the joke is on him. I average about a 75% on all my test and quizzes, I always have no matter how much I study. Maybe if he actually tried, even a little, he would probably do better than me. So should I tell the teacher what I suspect? Or just leave it be, because at this point in his college career there is no fixing him anyway.



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5 responses to “This Guy Again?

  1. The guys lucky it was you and not me. Because the instant I noticed it I would of said “HEY (insert his name here) how about you do your own work and not copy of mine.” but then again I’m insane.. and you shouldn’t copy off of insane people :).

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