Horns hold up my Halo

As an early celebration to Halloween, and because I got extra credit in a class for doing it, I dressed up in my costume and went to school today. I am dressed as a half angel, half devil. My mom and I took a red and a white shirt, cut them both in half, then sewed them together, putting a single wing on the white side of the shirt, and a devil’s tail on the red side. I also have a pair of devil horns holding up my halo. I then did my hair and make-up different on each side to represent an angel and a devil.



I went to school and observed the people observing me. Which I actually found was easier said than done. I noticed that if I made eye contact with the people who looked at me they would look away quickly as if I caught them doing something wrong. Isn’t that the point of me dressing up though, is so other people can be entertained by me and my creativity?

I had to try to observe them by looking past them, which makes it hard to judge their exact reaction. Some people actually allowed me to make eye contact and smiled at me where I was able to smile back, some looked directly at the ground as if my eye contact forced them to do so. The ones who I purposely did not look directly at would stare until they could not anymore. Of those people some smiled, some looked puzzled, and some almost looked offended, like they thought I was weird and wished I hadn’t abandoned the societal norms and dressed the way that I did.

Back of Costume

Back of Costume

I did dress up 1: for the extra credit, and 2: because it is fun. I am not easily embarrassed, but now I actually am having fun with the reactions I am receiving on this adventure, and trying to figure out what they mean. I decided some time ago that I do not care what others think about me and I will do what makes me happy. In the end you can’t always please everyone, so you might as well always please yourself. It makes me wonder if some of these looks are because these people wish they could be “brave” like me, because they are too embarrassed to escape society norms, or if they are so brainwashed that they are offended that people like me want to escape society norms.


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