Mission to Disgust

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday I enter the classroom where my communication class is healed and every time I do the same thing. I pull my desk forward a foot and push the desk behind me back a foot. The reason for this is because there is a guy who sits behind me in one of my classes whose aim in life is to make me both uncomfortable and miserable.

Now I do not think he actually does it on purpose or is even aware that what he does drives me absolutely insane! I swear he must sit down and pull his desk as close as he can behind me so he can breathe down the back of my neck and slobber in my ear. He makes me uncomfortable enough that I lean as far forward as I possibly can for the entire class period to get away from him. To make matters worse he appears to be sick right now and has the sniffles. Just imagine trying to listen to an already boring communication lecture, when all you can hear is that nasty sucking of snot sound right in your ear.

The expression says it all

The expression says it all

He is also sucking on a cough drop right now. Know how I can tell? Every time he coughs I get drowned by the horrific stench of hot cough drop air. If his mission is to utterly disgust me he is succeeding. It appears that he also thinks the room under my chair is his to do with as he pleases. I have to either have my feet up on my chair or put them so far ahead of my own desk that they are extended all the way.

So here I am leaning as far over my desk as possible, holding my breath, with my feet as far forward as I can put them. If it sounds uncomfortable, that’s because it is. I feel sorry for the girl who sits in front of me because she probably thinks I am a creeper too.



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5 responses to “Mission to Disgust

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  5. Steven

    This made me laugh!:) sorry it was uncomfortable.

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