The Man in the Black Hat

The End

I turned to look back and saw an arm swinging in my direction; I took the blow hard to my temple and everything went black.

So did the footsteps behind me.

I looked straight ahead and started walking faster.

My heart was beating so hard that I was sure he could hear it too.

He looked and smelled like your typical homeless man, except for the fact that he was clean shaven.

There was a very strong smell of whisky as I passed him and he looked up at me with menacing eyes.

He wore biker boots that looked very worn out, with black pants and a leather jacket with red stripes on each sleeve.

He was just standing there on the corner. He didn’t notice me at first but I saw him right away.

Everything was normal; that is except for the man in the black hat.

I walked down the same sidewalk and took the short cut through the ale like always.

I was staying late to develop pictures in the dark room and I left well after everyone else was already gone.

But this particular Wednesday night was different.

Every Monday and Wednesday night I go to my photography class from 5:45 to 10 pm.

(Confused? Now read it backwards)

(Halloween inspired story)



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6 responses to “The Man in the Black Hat

  1. This has inspired me and I’m going to have to try writing a scary story on my blog

  2. Cindy

    Awesome! Never saw this done before!

  3. Ankoku1331


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