Others May Not

Our society makes assumptions biased on how people look. We all know it is something that we do, but how do we fix it?

A good place to start would be by making everyone aware of some of the problems we see that others may not.

I will start with a problem I see that our society deems as okay behavior.

Why is it people do not understand skinny jokes hurt just as bad as fat ones do? Our society finds it socially acceptable to say “you are too skinny, you need to eat more,” but not socially acceptable to say “you are too fat, you need to eat less.” Aren’t both statements saying the same thing, that there is something wrong with the way a specific person is and they need to change it before society will accept them?

The reason I bring this up is because I happen to be the skinny one who gets the butt of these jokes. I am 5’7 and 120 pounds soaking wet with all my clothes on, so I am tall and skinny. The problem is my metabolism is so fast that no matter what I try I cannot gain weight.

So if we examine this problem from both sides of the spectrum we will see the same thing. My metabolism is too fast to gain weight easily; other metabolisms are too slow to lose weight easily. Both groups have a similar problem, we are not happy with our bodies and we find it very hard to change. The real problem here is our society not understanding that both groups are unhappy where they are, and both want to make a change. These skinny comments and jokes do not do anything constructive for us in terms of gaining weight, they only tare us down. So keep that in mind next time you feel like making a comment about someone needing to eat more, because if you really think about it you would not say to someone they need to stop eating because they are overweight.

That is one of the problems I see. What problems do you see that others may not?



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2 responses to “Others May Not

  1. I have a problem with commonly used words that applies to a group of people.. but is commonly used as a derogatory. (Such as people who use the words retarded or gay to describe something or some situation that is being uncooperative with them at some point.)

  2. I’m the fat one and I agree…words can hurt. I wish we could figure out how to increase the speed of my metabolism, exercise isn’t helping. I suppose being over 40 isn’t helping either.

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