Mangled in red

Screaming, all I could hear was the screaming of different voices. “Oh my god, is she dead?” “Someone call an ambulance!” What was happening? I didn’t understand. I was just standing there, unable to move as if the soles of my shoes were glued to the pavement. My heart stood still. Gas fumes burned my nose. I could taste blood, or was it gas, or both? I am not sure. In my attempt to process the scene in front of me all I could see was a blur of red so mangled you could no longer recognize its original shape.   

There were people dressed in yellow running everywhere. None of them were paying any attention to me. I was unimportant. The object mangled in red had the yellow people’s attention. They were all running around and barking orders. I just stood there, alone. Screaming sirens surrounded me. Watching helplessly as the mangles red object gets fused over. I had once known this object but now I don’t recognize it. This red object got mangled and bent into an unnatural new shape. Things start to blur together and I lose track of time. How long had it been? How long have I been standing here unable to move, or figure out what to do?

I looked down at my feet, willing them to move, but they refused to respond. Closing my eyes and shaking my head I tried to bring the scene back into focus. Suddenly the memories of the day flooded back to me. The thing mangled in red is a crashed car. My car. I was on my way to work when someone ran a stop sign and collided with me.

But if I was standing here, and that is my car, who are the people in yellow fussing over? I realized as I stood there, I could not hear my own heart beating; I haven’t taken a breath since I heard the first screams. I actually couldn’t feel much of anything at all. Am I dead?  


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