What’s the Point?

I can’t write today. Normally it is not hard for me to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and just think away. Normally I think so fast that my writing cannot keep up with what my brain can come up with, but today the inspiration that normally hits me like a load of bricks just won’t come.

I guess I will try what I normally do when I can’t write, which is to look at the world around me for ideas. I see my dog, lying motionless on the floor like she has just been hit by a car (of course she hasn’t, she is simply sleeping). But if it wasn’t for her chest slowly rising and falling I might actually question if she was still breathing. I don’t really think there is a story there though. Unless I wanted to discuss how horrible I would feel if anything happened to her. Which I don’t, so moving on to the next thing.

My mom is rummaging around the kitchen getting lunch ready for some guests that are coming over. We are having gluten free tacos because one of our guests has to eat gluten free foods. I have never tried these tacos before, and although I am not that good with change, they do smell good. But I know nothing about gluten free foods so I don’t really have a story there either, so moving on again.

It is raining outside, I could write a story about a stormy night where strange, scary, and questionable activities happen in the woods at a dark cabin, but I feel like that has been done before.

Or, I could write a story about a guy who meets a girl and against all odds falls in love, and lives happily ever after….. but I feel like that has been done before too.

And now that I have finished writing this post, and you have finished reading this post, we have both come to the conclusion that there was no point behind this post at all. But there is a chance that I have made you smile, and if that has happened, then I guess there still was a point to it after all.



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3 responses to “What’s the Point?

  1. Cindy

    I think you have successfully conveyed the frustrating moments that all creative people have, without asking for sympathy or making us readers feel your pain. That’s a pretty amazing talent! I, as a visual artist, can empathize with you, as a literal artist, and we can just relate! Pretty damn cool!
    I have to admit though, when I read the words “stormy night”, I envision a painting and think, oh how cool would it be to make up a story about Van Gogh’s painting? Or Picasso’s “Weeping Woman”, paintings that immediate elicit feelings that could morph into an interesting story. Or, if you want to personalize it, you could take another photo from your family’s stash, and talk about the situation and how you felt. I don’t know, I do look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your updates though, so don’t get too frustrated.

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