Dear Dog,

Dear Dog,

I know it is fun chasing that rabbit, running at full speed, swerving around trees, over rocks and through bushes. I know the constant barking confuses them and makes them dash closer to your mouth every time. I know that you are so close you can almost taste his strong lean muscles, see every detail in the coat on his hind end, smell the dirt of his den that he is desperately trying to find, can hear his heart racing as fast as yours through the thrill of the chase, and you can feel yourself getting closer and closer with every step. And I know you have been chasing this rabbit for weeks; that he constantly eludes you and at this moment it is the closest you have ever come to catching him.

But this is the third night in a row you have chased this rabbit. It is the third night in a row that you have dedicated your entire night to the capture of this rabbit, and in the process you have knocked a book out of my hands, barked in my ear, kicked me, and kicked the covers off my bed. This rabbit is starting to keep me awake, so I would appreciate it if you would catch him so I can get some sleep, or I will be forced to take the rabbit away from you by waking you up.


The owner of the bed you have the privilege of sleeping in

Ps. I would also appreciate it if you would stay at the end of the bed where I put you when I fall asleep, and stop slowly making your way up next to me throughout the night so that when I roll over in the morning I hit a stinky wall.

Wild Rabbit



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4 responses to “Dear Dog,

  1. Awwww! I can’t wait to read your note to the rabbit

  2. Ankoku1331

    No need to reply: Awesome post. Very fun.

  3. Cindy

    I’m enjoying each post more than the last one. Keep it coming!

  4. T: love your blogs! Such fun to read 🙂

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