Talents for our Senses

I used to get jealous of all of my friends and their amazing, creative talents that dazzle the senses. I have one friend who has a beautiful voice and can sing just about any song you can name. She is also one of the best hair stylists that I know. I always go to her when I need a new hair style and she always makes me look absolutely beautiful with a new edgy style. I have another friend who is an artist; enough said there. Anyone who cannot draw or paint always wishes that they could create beautiful images on paper. Then there is my friend who is a chef, he can create the most delicious dish that I have ever tasted without even using a recipe. Then arrange it so perfectly on a plate that you don’t even want to taste it because it’s too pretty to mess up. My mom is incredible at scrapbooking and craft making. Her craft corner has extended to a craft basement and she uses all of it. What she can make is better than what you can find in a store.

Sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. All of these talents can take the senses on fun and creative journeys. I said to myself “I wish I had a talent that could take the senses on a journey like all of these other ones. I cannot sing, or cut hair, or paint, draw, cook, scrapbook, or create these crafts like other people I know. What can I do?” And then it hit me. What have I been doing my whole life but telling stories about sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. I am a writer; that is my talent that can dazzle the senses. What is yours?



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5 responses to “Talents for our Senses

  1. I’m talented with music and some crafts. Personally I think you rock at crafts 🙂 I’ve seen your work.

  2. Cindy

    I am an artist but it took a lifetime to grow into being what I think God intended me to be all along. Sometimes we have to take a longer, rougher road to get there, but when we finally do we are so much stronger and so very thankful for the journey as well as the gifts and talents we finally get to use. I love the title of your blog by the way. You should tell some of the stories about what made you strong. Oh and one more thing. You realized your strengths and gifts relatively early in your life. You get to reap the benefits for much longer than those who choose the long road to get there. I’m happy for you!

  3. I was about half way through this and was thinking, “But obviously, you’re a writer!” But you already knew that!

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